The world forgiving, by the world forgot.
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Teedra Moses - Be Your Girl (Kaytranada Remix)

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i love how tumblr is like personally offended by 50 shades of grey

#we all read better fanfiction

#we all WRITE better fanfiction

And I love how it’s not even the BDSM that offends Tumblr.

It’s the incorrect portrayal of BDSM and poor writing that offends Tumblr.

And the portrayal of a hideously abusive relationship

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Well, female friendships are fucking extraordinary. They don’t have to be sexual to be intense love affairs. A breakup with a female friend can be more traumatic than a breakup with a lover. I’ve always been attracted to stories that look at the love-hate complexity of close female friendships. It’s ripe for drama. Did you see Frances Ha? That portrayed a female friendship I really understood.
written by Keira Knightley (x)

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do you ever just smell an old perfume, or hear an old song, or pass an old hangout spot and kinda break inside for a couple minutes

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Winona Ryder for Red Magazine April 2014 ph. Max Abadian


only weak people flip tortillas with a spatula

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I wonder how many stranger’s stories we make it into? You know, maybe someone saw you in passing and told their friends about how pretty the girl in the lavender sweater was. Or maybe they overheard you say a joke and repeated it to their friend, confessing that they heard it from some guy at the store. 

I think about this all the time

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Really funny how people making fun of immigrants speaking “broken english” only know one fucking language.

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Guys seriously would you LOOK at mini Adam Scott from Boy Meets World circa 1994

was this when he was mayor

After he left John Adams High he became the Mayor of Ice Town